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The Traditional Easter Eggs

So the children enjoyed the festivities and to turn them inculcated the importance of prosperity through the ritual or tradition, the more eggs found greater augur well for the family were to receive during the year.
To make the collection children used baskets wicker adorned as their nests were of birds and the colorful given should be very bright, that should resemble small suns, providing the idea of the arrival of spring and with it the rebirth of life in all orders.
It is estimated that the more tradition rooted in the use of eggs for ester, had its origin in Eastern Europe, precisely in Ukraine and Poland, custom that received the name of Pysanky, really was an entire art, the decor that printed on the eggs, representing religious grounds complex, thorough and delicate.
The models was true works of art, as well as represented in them in addition reasons specific to each community, being even today maintained the tradition of the Easter eggs decorated.
The eggs also adopted fame in relation to its size, in addition to its originality, like the famous golden egg that gave Louis XV to Madame Du Barry, and tells the story that a courtier, to see such gift, said “If it comes past by water, I keep the peel”.
In Versailles can be seen in the museum Lambinet, the true works of art in the Easter eggs, gifted to the aunt of Louis XVI, Madame Victory.