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Reduce the appearance the hairiness

Some health problems such as thyroid dysfunction or hormonal, even due to genetic factors make it appear hair in difficult areas of hide as can be the face, back or excessive hairiness in arms and chest.
There are ways natural to try to reduce the appearance, make that fall more easily and re-emergence with less force
Home Recipes
* Liquate five green tomatoes with two small spoonfuls of sodium bicarbonate. Mixture until form a thick. Spreads in areas in which you want to remove the hair. Leave for half an hour and then rinse with warm water. Reiterate this three times a week during a month.
* Squeezes 10ml of lemon juice and blend with 40 ml of honey. With a sponge rub in the affected area in the direction of hair growth. Clarify after 20 minutes. Repeat twice a week.
* 40 Grams of salt, 10 cloves and 500 ml of hydrogen peroxide. Implement these ingredients with cotton. Set him an hour and then wash with abundant cold water. Implement moisturizer.
Recalls that if the hair growth is excessive the first thing to do is to consult a specialist because some causes must be explored by professionals.
Symptoms of alarm
* Increase in the amount of hair
* Distribution manly
* Alteration in tone of voice
* Skin less smooth and soft
* Increase in color and intensity of hair
If you notice any of these symptoms is important to consult a doctor because they analyze the history and an analysis of blood can assess where is the problem in order to begin to treat and eradicate it.